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Models: Bound Light (Instagram | Fetlife) and Lyrabel (Fetlife); Krampus: LadyScorpio (Instagram | Fetlife)

I’ve always loved the undertones of horror that accompany the holiday season and its darker, colder, longer nights … whether it’s the Christmas ghost story or Christmas slashers or Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King. In particular, thanks to my German heritage, I grew up with tales of Krampus, and he has always been my favorite holiday horror icon.

A few friends and I finally got the chance to do a Krampus-themed bondage shoot … but more of the implicit than the explicit variety. The origin of the concept was to wrap up the naughty folk in burlap and rope and suggest that Krampus was about to collect them to stuff them in his sack and take them away for … whatever purposes he may have.

I still hope to one day do a more explicit Krampus-themed shoot, but I’m very happy with the results of this one. I hope others will enjoy it, as well.

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