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Patrons Get Full Access to Galleries & BTS!

Thank you for your interest in supporting my work! Doing so through Patreon gives you access to the full gallery for each of my shoots in addition to previews, unreleased images, and behind-the-scenes material and information. Read on for more details.

Current Patrons

If you already follow me on Patreon, just connect your account using the button below to gain access to all patron-only content on this site. If you’re not yet set up on Patreon, the link below will take you through the steps to create an account, follow me, and return you to the site.

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Why are you charging?

A lot of my work is freely available on this website and on social platforms like Instagram and Fetlife. I also make much of the educational material I’ve developed for rope bondage available for free on So, if you like my work or want to learn more about rope, you don’t need to be a “patron” to follow along, see a lot of my work, and maybe learn some things.

I really appreciate the encouragement I get through loves, comments, and (credited) shares of my work. So, if you’re doing that already, thank you!

I know most people won’t be interested or able to pay to support what I do, and I completely understand that. I’m not expecting to get rich or wanting to force people to pay for my work.

However, if you are able to support my work more directly and want to do so, I would greatly appreciate it, and I hope my use of this site will show my gratitude. Your support helps me to host content online, to hire models to work with, to gain access to sites and resources, to create or acquire props, costumes, and styling, to buy film, and to generally improve the quality of what I can produce.

Whichever way you choose to you show your support—whether through likes and comments on my work, sharing my work with others, or contributing some of your hard-earned money—I truly appreciate it.

OK, so how does it work, and what do I get?

It’s pretty simple: sign up with Patreon, become a supporter for $1 or more per month, then either follow through updates on Patreon itself or click the “Login with Patreon” buttons on this site and you’ll have immediate access to exclusive content.

Patrons who support my work at $1/month or more will have access to the following:

  • A digital coupon for a 10% discount to my Print Shop (one-time only, on signup).
  • Access to the full, uncensored galleries for all of my shoots. This includes my archives going back to 2014 and usually means at least one new gallery per month.
  • Access to “sneak peeks” of shoots that I’m currently working on before they get released anywhere else.
  • Access to extras and/or unreleased images for some shoots, where I share things like: images that weren’t part of an “official” shoot, “behind the scenes” pics and/or videos, images that didn’t make the full gallery, and images of any instant or film shots I took.
  • Access to posts that explain the process of some of my shoots, including camera settings and lighting setups, staging and preparation, rope work used during the shoot, and more. This occasionally includes Lightroom Presets from an image, lighting/staging diagrams, and notes, images, or video of the creation of a particular tie.
  • A closer look at the journey Bound Light and I are on as we learn and share our love of rope bondage art and photography, including some of our more personal thoughts and images.

Have questions or any problems with accessing content? Please contact me!

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