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Let's work together!

If you are interested in having me create specific images for you, or would like to hire me to do rope work for your own project, let me first say thank you for your interest! The information on this page should provide a helpful starting point, but please get in touch to discuss details and let me know what you have in mind.

Get in Touch

Short Disclaimer

In my “vanilla” life, I’m a portrait, couples, and family photographer, and those types of shoots make up the majority of my paid work. I create the images you see on this site mostly “for fun” in cooperation with other experienced rope bottoms and tops, models, performers, and photographers.

Given that, my availability to take paid assignments of the type you’ll find on this site can be limited and may require scheduling well in advance. However, if that’s not a deterrent, then I would be happy to discuss your particular goals to see if I would be the best fit for you!

What styles of photography do you do?

I shoot high concept, fine-art nude, implied nude, boudoir, performance, and fetish images (with an emphasis on rope bondage). I occasionally shoot for events, as well.

I am happy to shoot in a location of your choosing. I can also provide a small studio space for fashion, fine-art nude, or rope. However, while I can and do shoot under studio conditions, I prefer to find interesting locations to serve as the backdrops (or complements) to the model.

I do not shoot explicit images, hardcore images, or images of implied violence outside of a clear and consensual BDSM context.

Will you do a rope shoot with me? Can I be suspended? Can I hire you for rope work?

Yes, I will tie and photograph you. Yes, I will photograph the rope work that someone else ties. Yes, I will tie someone else for you to shoot or as part of your project. However, I do have limitations and they are unique to each person.

Rope bondage can be extremely dangerous, and adding photography to the mix can increase those risks. The biggest risks include: nerve compression damage which can lead to impaired mobility or complete mobility loss for hours, weeks, months, or longer; positional asphyxiation and fainting; muscle and joint strain or dislocation; and the risks of falling (particularly with fainting).

All of these risks get higher as the experience of both the person tying and the person being tied gets lower, but they are always a risk even with the most experienced practitioners. Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise, or assure you that they have enough experience to make sure those things don’t happen, is lying … either out of ignorance or because they just want to get you in their rope.

Therefore, I try to accurately assess the experience of the people being tied and keep the level of risk for the photoshoot below that level. In general, I will not suspend anyone new to rope, and suspensions of those with limited prior experience will be confined to hip-harness-based, face-up work.

I also recommend you review the content in our introductory rope course regardless of your experience level: Rope Study – Rope 101

Finally, if we do any rope work together, I will ask you to sign this release.

How much do you charge? What do I get?

For rope only: I ask $50/hour; I do require pre-shoot negotiation and practice time (as needed), but I do not charge for that time

For photography or photography and rope: My pricing options are listed below.

Please realize that in a given time period, we will be able to get more shots and more “looks” in a session that does not involve rope (or other elaborate set-ups) than in one that does (because of the time required to tie).

Also, if I will be doing the tying for our work together, I will ask everyone being tied to sign a waiver, and I strongly recommend all parties discuss and align goals beforehand.

The Quickie

$ 100

About 1 Hour
  • 1 Location
  • 1 Look/Concept
  • Full-Sized Images

The Good DateBest Value

$ 250

Up to 4
  • 1 Location
  • Multiple Looks/Concepts
  • Full-Sized Images

The Full Package

$ 500

Up to 8 hours
  • Multiple Locations
  • Multiple Looks/Concepts
  • Full-Sized Images

Do you ever offer specials or discounts?

On occasion, I will advertise special discounts on shoots or prints. I will advertise those through my newsletter and post those in the “News” section of my blog and on my social media accounts.

Also, if you are willing to allow me to use the images we create as part of my portfolio, I offer a 10% discount on the total cost of the shoot.

What is your general process and workflow? What can I expect when working with you?

Before the Shoot:

  • Beyond the obvious logistics of finding a date and location, I will start with wanting to hear what ideas or goals you have that led you to hire me. I will also discuss any limitations or conditions that will be important to you or your team.
  • In some cases that involve challenging rope work, I may ask to meet with you (or the people with whom I will be working) beforehand to prepare and practice if possible.
  • We will agree on a contract and be prepared to sign on the date(s) of the shoot.

During the Shoot:

  • I will always insist on a third party for any shoot that involves nudity, implied nudity, or fetish work. Often, that means I will bring an assistant. However, you are welcome to bring someone to the shoot, as well, provided they do not interfere in the shoot and/or will be willing to assist as needed.
  • I try to make clear before and throughout the shoot that the comfort and safety of the model(s) is my priority.
  • I will not ask to move beyond any limits established before the shoot, but I am willing to adapt to the location or changes in goals or readiness.

After the Shoot:

  • If rope work is involved: shortly after the shoot, I will check in with all models who were tied to make sure they’re doing well.
  • If I did the photography: I will select and process the images that I feel best present our efforts.
  • I usually try to send at least one image within a few days of our shoot, and I send all finished images through my client website within the timeframe set in the contract. (The details below are based on my “default” contract, but please note that details may change depending on our negotiations.)
    • I will deliver an online gallery to you that includes all finished/processed images.
    • You are free to share the images as you’d like (with credit as agreed upon in the contract)
    • You can order prints through my online store, but you are also free to download full-sized images for printing on your own.
    • If the contract included granting me the right to use some images in my portfolio, then I will confirm which images you are OK with me using for online sharing, portfolio, and prints.

What are your terms and rates for doing event photography?

While event photography is not my primary focus, I’m happy to serve as an event photographer for fetish events (particularly those that are rope-themed). I have experience working in fetish event conditions (low and variable lighting, fast action, multiple simultaneous events, with and without flash restrictions, etc.), and you can see a few samples of my event images in my portfolio.

Policies for Unpaid Work: I sometimes do “pro bono” work as an event photographer, particularly for local events. In those cases, my policies are as follows:

  • 45-day turnaround on images (though it’s usually much sooner than that)
  • Images are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license … which basically means:
    • you can post the photos wherever you’d like, provided:
    • you leave the watermark intact (where present)
    • you credit Ma’iitsoh Yazhi Photography (or @maiitsohyazhi on social media)
    • you aren’t making money from the images
    • you have explicit permission to post it from everyone else in the photo
    • you can crop the image, combine it with other images, or add text if
    • you want to (provided the above is still met)
    • you can use the photos to promote future events, workshops, talents, etc. (provided the above is still met)
    • In return, say some nice things about me if someone is looking for an event photographer for kink/rope events!

Policies for Paid/Contract Work: If I’m being compensated (either monetarily or by gaining reduced/free access to a paid event), then I’m generally happy to go along with the policies set by the event, provided those policies don’t violate U.S. Copyright Law, don’t assume that I’m legally transferring my copyright, and retain appropriate credit with the images (with or without watermark, as preferred by the event). Please contact me to discuss details further.

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