alexMa’iitsoh Yazhi is an old nickname. It’s Navajo for “little wolf.” (For the nerdy or curious, it’s pronounced: mɑːʔiːtsoʊ / jɑːʒiː) … but you can also just call me Alex.

I’m mainly interested “erotic environmental portraiture,” meaning I like creating images that have implied or explicit sensuality with people in interesting locations. More specifically, I like these genres of photography: portrait, fashion/glamour, high-concept, boudoir / fine art nude, or rope / fetish. I really enjoy working in natural or urban settings, and my style takes cues from landscape, glamour, fashion, and conceptual approaches.

I started practicing photography as a teenager. At that time, the majority of the images I took were landscape and travel shots—by which I mean, my backyard and neighborhood. In college, I bought a used Nikon N8008s and started making actual travel and landscape images. For most of that time, I tried hard to keep people out of my shots. It wasn’t until I got my first digital SLR and started trying to capture street and candid lifestyle shots that I added people to my images.

And so, I was slow to come to the portrait side of photography, and that landscape/travel legacy still tends to inform how I shoot people, including my erotic work. In early 2012, I discovered rope bondage art and was immediately drawn to the mix of technical skill in the ties, artistry in the body positioning and lines, and cooperative nature of tying. I think of it as performance art, and I use my camera to try to capture some aspects of the beauty I find in it.

Shortly after discovering rope, I moved to Richmond and got involved with a local Rope Bite chapter. I now lead that group and also offer rope instruction through Rope Study and private lessons.

On this site, I share collections of my images and discuss my photography practice and the rope-art that I incorporate into many of my images. I hope you enjoy the photography and posts that I share on this site. Please feel free to share them (with attribution), leave a comment, or send a message if you do.

If you’re interested in shooting with me or having me facilitate a workshop, please see the Working Together or Education page.