If you’re considering working with me, or if we’ve worked together before, I hope you’ll find the information here useful. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

Working Together

If you like my style of photography and would be interested in collaborating with me on a photo shoot, please get in touch. (If you’re interested in learning about photography or rope, please see my education page.)

I’m open to collaborating on a wide range of shoots, though these are the general categories I most often shoot:

  • portrait
  • performance
  • promotional
  • fashion/glamour
  • high-concept/cosplay
  • boudoir/implied nude
  • fine art nude
  • rope/fetish

I do not shoot explicit images, hardcore images, images of implied violence, or anything generally considered to be “porn.”

While I do have experience shooting in studio conditions, I typically prefer to find interesting locations. I also shoot for events from time to time, depending on the type of event and my availability.

I really prefer to collaborate with others to discover ideas everyone can be excited about bringing to life. If you decide you would like to work together, I’ve put together some notes to help get the planning process started: Making a Plan.

At this time, I generally do not provide any styling, but I will be happy to discuss potential looks to help you find the right fit with the type of shoot we have planned.

Trade Shoots

I typically work on a “trade for photos” basis, meaning we’re both in it for the experience, fun, and final images. In these arrangements, I provide web-quality, edited images for you to use wherever and however you’d like. (For shoots that involve rope, I work almost exclusively on a TFP or “for hire” basis.)

I understand that good models bring ideas, time, energy, skills, and talent to the shoot, and I believe they should be compensated for contributing to the shoot. On the other hand, good photographers also bring ideas, time, energy, skills, and talent to the shoot. That’s the source of the dilemma sometimes: if both parties deserve compensation, who should pay whom?

In the commercial industry, both get paid because a third party is paying for the results. When models and photographers are reaching out to each other to work together and build portfolios, determining who should pay can be tricky.

My stance is this:

  • If I’m contacting an experienced model from whom I want a specific look to complete a specific project, I will pay for that model’s time.
  • If a model contacts me wanting a specific look (or, in particular, wanting rope images), I could expect to be paid, but I typically won’t as long as the concept would also benefit my own portfolio.
  • Regardless of who contacts whom, if we are both seeking to add more work to our portfolio, not working on a commercial product, and not trying to complete a specific project, then I think the equal contributions of time and talent offset each other and no payment should be expected on either end.

Hiring Me

That said, I am available to shoot for hire if you have a specific need or event, or if you require images that you can use for commercial purposes. I tailor my prices to the type of shoot and amount of work required (both during the shoot and in post-processing), but I will provide a price in writing before the shoot or event based on our discussion. For paid shoots, I provide access to an online proofing gallery, web-quality edited images, and high-quality images to download and print.

I’m also available to hire as a rope artist, though please see the “Making a Plan” page for details and limitations.

Hiring Models

If you’re an experienced model or an experienced rope-bondage artist, I may also be open to hiring you for specific projects or looks. Please get in touch to discuss.

Help with planning …

If you’d like to work with me for photography or rope, I’ve tried to provide some information about how I work and some starting ideas to help us get the planning going. Please check out the “Making a Plan” page for more info.

Have we worked together?

If we’ve worked on a shoot together, I will send a link to the email address you provided that will allow you to download images. Questions or problems? Send me a message.