Thank you for creating an account on this site. It will make it much easier for me to provide access to your images in a secure and organized manner.

Reminder: If we have not worked together, you do not need to create an account on this site. If you are a patron, you can login using your Patreon account. See this page for more details.

Why so many questions?

As you can tell, this is more than a simple registration form. I appreciate you taking the time to read this page and respond to the questions in the form. Your responses help me to make sure I honor your preferences and respect any privacy or comfort concerns you may have.

My second goal is to make good images. My first is to respect the people who choose to make them with me.

Also, any additional contact information you provide allows me to continue to get in touch with you if/when social media accounts are lost or changed.

What are these usage restrictions about?

As part of the registration, I will ask you to indicate that you understand that you have the option to limit the usage of the images we create.

Standard copyright law provides the photographer of an image the ability to use that image for almost any purpose except for commercial work (as in, endorsement of a product or service). In other words, a photographer can legally share and/or sell digital or print copies of images even without a contract or release.

However, the safety and comfort of the people who choose to work with me is more important than my legal rights to an image, so I add a provision in my standard release that grants the people in the images the ability to limit how those images are used. Here’s the relevant portion of the agreement:

ยง5: Publication and Platform Restrictions … the Model may limit or decline release of any or all provided files. For any Images of which release is limited or declined, the Model also relinquishes the same rights to those Images …

Ma’iitsoh Yazhi Photography Trade-for-Print Agreement

In general, there are 4 categories for the ways I will likely use the images we create together:

  1. Portfolio: sharing the images on my website (which includes public and ‘members only’ sections)
  2. Social Media: sharing the images through social media via @maiitsohyazhi (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Fetlife, etc.)
  3. Prints: offering prints of the images through my website
  4. Submissions: submitting the images to publications, competitions, charity events, and the like.

If you’re not comfortable with me using the images we created in one or more of those ways, please let me know. You can do that in a couple of ways:

  • If you want the limitations to apply to all the images we create together, let me know your preferences for that in the “Usage Restriction, Special Editing Requests, or Other Notes” section.
  • If you want the limitations to apply only to some of the images we create together, you can leave a comment on those image in your galleries indicating your preferences.

And of course, you can always change your mind at any time!

For a full explanation of usage and other rights, please see the FAQs on the “Work with Me” page and the model agreements linked there. If you have any questions, please contact me!

Thank you for taking the time to read and indicate your preferences. This helps me to honor your requests for the work we create together.

The name you prefer to be called in person.
This should be an email where it's appropriate to contact you about the type of work we create together.
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How do you prefer to be credited when I share images of you or your work? If you list one name/username, I will use that for all services where I have your permission to share the images. However, you can also specify a different type of credit for different services or locations (for example: @maiitsohyazhi online, Ma'iitsoh Yazhi in text or print, etc.).
If you would like to limit the usage of all images we create together, please let me know here. (For limits per image, you can comment on those images in your galleries.) If you have any special requests for how I edit the images, please explain here. (For example: no face visible; removing certain marks or tattoos; etc.) Or, if there are other important notes that I should know about our work together or the images we create, please list them here.