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Model: Bound Light (Instagram | Fetlife) and anonymous by request; Rope: myself and lacinato (Instagram | Fetlife)

We were lucky enough to be invited to a group shoot event at a farm (with the owners’ knowledge and permission). We were able to capture a number of fun concepts that day, including these rope images.

The first set involved hanging Bound Light in the open window of the hay loft. We were precariously close to dropping some 20 feet to the ground, so even though she’s actually quite safe (the suspension point is actually inside the window, so the floor is safely below her), it still got the adrenaline going. After I tied her in place, someone stayed just inside the window for safety as I ran down to take the photos.

For the second set, we found a perfect tree on the property with the view of the barn, silo, and sunset in the background, and we were lucky enough to time our tying so that everything was in place just as the sun hit the horizon.

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