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In October of 2015, we had the benefit of taking private lessons with Akira Naka. He was in town for a workshop that we could not attend, but we were able to meet with him one-on-one.

We were familiar with his style of tying already, and had specifically studied his two and three-rope versions of the takatekote through others of his students. So, for our lesson, we were particularly interested in refining his signature “Naka twist” tie.

As you can tell, our understanding and execution before studying with him was rudimentary at best … this pic is from July of that year:

The lesson allowed us the chance to confirm that we had correctly understood his takatekote, and then we focused on the placement, tension, and use of his leg tie in order to make the overall tie more secure (and more elegant). The improvement should be obvious.

While it was only a brief time of studying, we learned a lot and were very grateful for the experience.

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