Black & White

Model: WillingRebel (Instagram | Fetlife) and anonymous

The rain wasn’t in the forecast, but it started right when we got to one of our favorite abandoned factories. Thankfully, WillingRebel was true to her name and happily played around in the rain and the mess. A friend who came along and served mainly as “lookout” thought it would be fun to join in on the “dead body in a pile of rubble” concept at the end of the shoot, and I was not opposed.

Behind the Scenes

Some test shots of our first location. You can see me trying to get the lighting and framing right and WillingRebel experimenting with a few poses … including stepping on some rebar spikes, which I do not recommend (and which was quickly abandoned once the shoes were off).

Whenever we’re in semi-public spots like this, I try to get everything worked out with the model(s) and others involved before the clothes come off and/or the rope goes.

I really wish I could show you the image of our anonymous friend pretending to take a poop atop the pile of rubble, and the facial expression that went with it, but anonymity would be lost. You’ll just have to trust me: they both had way more fun finding the pose for the final image than I did adjusting the lights and framing.