If you’re interested in shooting with me, first let me say: Wow! Cool! Thanks! I’m flattered and honored that you’d want to work with me.

I put this writing together in the form of a “frequently-asked-questions / frequently-raised-issues” list in the hope that it will make the planning stage a little easier. That said, this isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list or a limitation. It’s just a starting point. If you have ideas or questions not mentioned here, just let me know.

Do you really want to shoot with me?

First, I’d recommend taking a look through my portfolio and galleries to get a sense of my shooting styles. While I am always interested in exploring new styles, new concepts, and new subjects, you should at least like some of my previous work. Or be willing to take the chance that I might not deliver the exact look you’re hoping for if that look is vastly different from anything I’ve done before. But, I’m always willing to give it a shot if you are!

The “I’m not a real model” thing

I hear this sometimes from people who haven’t done previous shoots, or people that I approach to see if they’d like to shoot with me. My response is always along the lines of: “If you think we can have some fun and make some interesting images together, then I want to work with you!”

Most people who say “I’m not a real model” really mean something like: “I’m not a professional model” or “I don’t think I look like a professional model.” (And what they often mean is that they’re worried I won’t want to work with them because they don’t look a certain way.)

However, I don’t have only one type of person that I want to shoot. I do this for fun, and I enjoy trying new things. So, as long as you think we could have some fun together, and maybe make some cool images in the process, then I probably want to work with you.

What do you want to shoot?

I’m most interested in working together with someone to discover things that they want to shoot that I think I can help with. Or in collaborating together to come up with some cool ideas.

That said, I do have some “typical” concepts and subjects, as well as an ever-evolving wish list (see below).

My “style” is informed by my early days of photography, when I focused on landscape and travel photography. So, I’m always looking for ways to incorporate aspects of that style into whatever images I’m creating, where the setting/location becomes an important part of the image.

Things I typically shoot or would like to shoot:

  • Rope! Particularly rope that involves interesting settings, challenging ties, or cool clothing choices.
  • Nudes / Semi-Nudes! Tasteful, fine art nudes, or partial/implied nudes that take advantage of lovely light, sexy clothing, or interesting settings.
  • Performance! If you do interesting performance kinds of things (like dance, lyra, silks, pole, yoga/acro yoga, burlesque, fire, etc.), then I’d love to shoot it … either you in an actual performance or “staged” shoots that show off your skills.
  • High-Concept! I love the idea of elaborate shoots that have a fantastic, surreal, or whimsical feel to them. Or that have a dark, gothic, quirky, or creepy feel to them. And involving rope in some way is (usually) even better.
  • Fetish / Costume! There are plenty of fetishes that I don’t necessarily have myself, or costumes/looks that aren’t necessarily my thing, but that would be fun to shoot. For instance, I’m not really into latex, but it can make for some cool images. If you have a fetish or costume/look that you want images of, feel free to ask. I don’t do full-on graphic porn or graphic nudity, but as long as it doesn’t involve either of those, I’ll probably be up for it. A short list I’d definitely be open to shooting: body paint, foot fetish, wet/messy, latex, schoolgirl, cosplay, and girls with books!

What about “vanilla” images?

Yep. If you just want some interesting modeling-type pics of yourself acceptable for the vanilla world, I’d be interested in that, as well. Let me know what you’re thinking!

Some limitations regarding rope

Many of the requests I get involve doing a rope shoot together. However, I do have a couple of limitations when it comes to shooting rope.

First, I limit my tying for photography to the experience level of the bottom. Rope for photography is a type of performance, and as such, it carries different and additional risks than rope for practice or play. And, in general, I don’t believe it’s wise to tie someone beyond their current experience level unless that tying is happening in a lab environment for the purposes of learning and expanding that experience. (For more on that, see these posts: one and two.)

So, I’ll happily tie something pretty on just about anyone, but moving beyond that into challenging floor ties or partial and full suspension will only happen with those I can be confident are already at that level.

That said, I’m also happy to work with people over a period of time to help them develop the experience and skills necessary for a particular kind of tie or image.

The second limitation involves respecting my relationship with Bound_Light and is for anyone who is interested in creating nude rope photos with me: unless I already know you fairly well, I won’t tie and shoot you in the nude.

I’ll happily tie and shoot you in lingerie, swimwear, an old tattered dress, an elaborate costume, etc. But no nude tying.

I’ll happily shoot you nude if there’s no rope involved, or if I’m not the one doing the tying. (If someone else is doing the tying, you can be as naked as you’d like.)

Also, if we get to know each other and Bound_Light and I become comfortable with you, then it’s possible that I’ll tie and shoot you in the nude at that point.

But, at least at first, “nude + rope that I tie” won’t be on the table. I hope you will understand that this is something I do out of respect for my relationship with Bound_Light and is not, in any way, a personal decision against you or against anyone who chooses to do otherwise.

So get in touch!

If this all sounds good to you and you think you might like to work with me, or if you have questions, ideas, or concerns, please get in touch. I’m generally available weeknights and weekends. Hope to hear from you!