When Meymoon and Ruminating came to visit and shoot in an abandoned factory, we brought a decent-sized group of friends along for the fun. Between scoping and setup for the three different shoots I did with them, I took some impromptu shots of our friends playing around in the space.

This first series is a patch of open floor on the second level of the factory that is almost completely overgrown in moss. The evening light was pretty, so Isean (Instagram | Fetlife) played around in it and eventually decided to lie on the moss.

Bound Light (Instagram | Fetlife) thought about it, but decided she didn’t like the feel of the moss and … other things scattered about the floor, so I only got a few quick “I don’t think I want to do this” shots of her. (You can see her laughing in the last one.)

Another friend was a bit smarter and decided to pose behind a fern in that same room but stay well off the floor.

Isean, Bound Light, and LGFuad (Instagram | Fetlife) also enjoyed hanging on things throughout the factory and did a lot of handstands all around the place. A LOT of handstands.

Bound Light even found somewhere to tie off a hip harness up on the roof and played around hanging from that upside down. I got up there just as the sun was setting and just took a few snaps of her spinning around and having fun.