Private Lessons

I offer private lessons in both rope bondage art and photography. Rope bondage lessons are conducted with my partner, Bound Light, who is an experienced rope bottom (and practicing rope top) to provide perspectives from both sides of the rope. We will meet for individual sessions to help you address a specific challenge or learn a specific concept or tie. However, we much prefer to meet with you over an extended period of time to help you progress from wherever your current skill-level is towards whatever goals you have set for yourself. We offer discounted rates for those who commit to extended study. You can learn more and book time with us through the Private Instruction page on the Rope Study website.


We are also available to conduct workshops in both rope bondage art and photography. We have a number of prepared workshops available, but we may also be able to prepare a workshop to meet any specific needs your local community or event may have. Some of our prepared workshop topics include: Tying Well, Not Patterns; Foundations for Bottoms; Negotiating for Rope; Rope Safety for DMs; Suspension Lines 101; Learning to Self-Tie; Kink-and-Shoot; Tips for Both Sides of the Lens in Rope Photography, and more.

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For more detailed information about what we offer, please see this document. Interested in working with us? Please send us a message!

Rope Study offers a number of ways to learn about rope bondage art and meet other practitioners.