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By December 1, 2016Note
"Teaser" for the Whurk Magazine Holiday Rope-Bondage Pin-Up

“Teaser” for the Whurk Magazine Holiday Rope-Bondage Pin-Up

In mid-October, I was contacted by Seth Casana, editor-in-chief of Whurk magazine, a local magazine dedicated to Virginia’s creative communities. Somehow, he had discovered my website and the RVA Rope site and wanted to highlight rope bondage art in the upcoming December issue. He invited Bound Light and I to create a holiday-themed rope bondage image for their regular pin-up centerfold. He also gave us the opportunity to share some of our thoughts about rope bondage art in a mini-interview format.

What the print version of the issue looks like

What the print version of the issue looks like

Thankfully, we have friends who own an unbelievable amount of holiday decorations, and they let us borrow whatever we wanted. We found a room with a fireplace and a nice window, invited a few other friends to help, and went to work hanging decorations, stringing lights, setting up half a tree (not enough space for the whole tree), and frosting the windows. We spent most of an evening decorating and shooting, but by the end of the night, we had some fun holiday-themed rope bondage pics to send.

We’re excited and honored by this opportunity and hope it will help to spread the knowledge and appeal of rope bondage art. We’re also very thankful for our friends and the wonderful rope community here in Richmond. If you’re in the area and interested in rope, you can find out more at RVARope.com.

Go check it out! And if you like what you see, let us know and help spread the word.

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